Saturday, March 14, 2015

5 things not to say to a Librarian

1. Tell me what to read ("what do you like?" "oh I'll read anything.") No you won't, you like Romances and I hand you American Psycho, Trainspotting or A Clockwork Orange you'll be none to pleased, (likewise if you like the above titles and I hand you a Mills & Boon) be a little less vague please!

2. But you can still read it. Yeah but your dog chewed to it up/your kid drew all over it/you spilled water on it and now it's swollen and will soon be mouldy. You wrecked someone else's book now you pay for it!

3. I don't want to use the self service, I don't want to take your job. Actually self service allows us to DO our jobs and not be a check out chick (mind you I do have the upmost respect for checkout chicks, no offence to them!) I have a brain and I'd like to use it thanks.

4. Are you guys all volunteers here? This one really gets up my nose... I have a post graduate degree, I've worked in academic and medical libraries, I am a professional,  I'm not just here because I have a little extra time on my hands. 

5. This must be such a relaxing place to work. Um, well it might be except for all the idiots that come in here!!

Michael Moore knows you don't want to piss off a Librarian...

Thursday, September 4, 2014


It may come as no surprise to everyone and anyone who has asked in the library for a DVD recommendation that I LOVE Orange is the new Black. I've read the book twice... and as I don't have Netflix access have to wait out for the second series to be released here in OZ, but while waiting there's always something else to find....
Here's the Blog set up for the real Piper when she was incarcerated and Here's an article with the real Nora/Alex and there's a cookbook too! 
Happy stalking!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Female pirates

I've written before about the time I got asked for help with finding info on female pirates and how I got all excited and Blah Blah Blah...
Well I found these two great pictures of Mary Read and Anne Bonny... both with their boobies out! Enjoy!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Total Fan Girl Moment

Linda Jaivin has been one of my favourite authors since my ex-best friend told me about Rock and Roll Babes from Outer Space 15, 16, could it be 17? Years ago.
Last night Linda came to little old D’town.
I have theory in life that cheeky-ness gets you everywhere. People have been asking me how I organised it. I just asked her! I sent her some fan mail, told her if she wanted to we’d love to have an event with her and it grew from there! Very disappointed in the numbers, but considering all of the people who showed up had only heard of her through my ravings, and she won over everyone who was there and now has a bunch of new fans I’d call it a success. Yay!

Just thought I’d share my intro with you...
Hi my names Allison and I’m a librarian and I have a confession to make... I judge books by their covers. But it wasn’t a cover that brought me to Linda’s books, but the title. Over 15 years ago a friend told me about this book called “Rock and roll babes from outer space” well how could I go past that. The next one I read was called “Confessions of an S & M virgin”. It just kept getting better!
I’m having a little fan girl moment tonight because Linda is one of my favourite authors, she’s got a new novel out call “The empress lover” which we’ve got for sale here tonight. But if you are far to clever and academic for fiction, Linda was also the writer of the last Quarterly Essay, “Found in translation” which I found to be a great accompanying piece to this novel.
She’s a lady with many strings to her bow... and she’s got great hair! Please join me in welcoming Linda Jaivin.

Friday, April 4, 2014


I got Twittered!!

Media Whoreing...

I've never been a shy one about putting myself out there, and derby has proved no exception! well you know what... I'm pretty friggin' proud of my achievements and I want to spread the word and the derby love!

And then theres this one which may have got me in a little controversy at work... but all publicity is good publicity right! 

Back again...

I've been missing my blog. Since it got me in a little trouble last year (not really but it put me in an uncomfortable position...) I've been avoiding it, then missing it, then thinking I must do something with it, then missing it again, then taking myself out for a sneaky breakfast that just happens to have wifi access so here I am.
Lots of changes, you'll hear about them...
Lots to catch up on...

Friday, June 7, 2013

My blog got me in trouble recently (and here I was thinking no one was reading... turns out the one person I didn't know knew about it was!) which got me thinking of surveillance and investigating what else was out there (and I cleared out some of the excess crap... bye bye twitter, bye bye you tube channel that never got used.) and I found a few tasty HotRodLibrarian gems I hadn't seen before...

This one is from the lovely folks at Library Bonnet zine, love that they loved my ironic use of the fabulous $2 Jesus stickers!

And check this out... I’m in Google Books! Makes me wanna go out and do another zine!

But this one is possibly my favorite .. apparently I’m very influential to my friends and (possibly) have an IQ of 134! (mind you I had to look it up to find out that’s above average!) Well if I’m apparently so smart... how come I did something so frikkin’ stupid!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Geez Louise (embarrassing middle name!) How long has it been!
Probably for the best really, I would have just ranted and raved and been all bitter and twisted about work situations that are outside of my control!
I have a new job these days, I'm a Hospital Librarian which is funny because 18 months ago I would have laughed if you'd told me that! The other hilarious part is those who think I push around a cart of books for the patients to borrow! Little do they understand this is a research library and I spend my days doing complex literature searches for medical professionals!
But who knows how long this will last given that I have over an hours travel to get here and if all goes to plan this week ;)
The uni didn't work out... such is the life of the casual worker. I was upset, even had the dreaded cry at work a couple of times. But such is Life and I had/have to move on.
Just had such a great year last year you know...

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Today I needed to find a couple of files for job interview show and tell, which led me back to my blog which I've been ignoring and neglecting for way to long and I realised how much I miss it...

Of course I've not got the time right now so here's a tasty quick morsel...

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Gen Xed

This year has been all about looking back into the past, oh my god that was X amount of years ago, being shocked at how old I am, etc. etc. So whilst on this nostalgia trip I thought I might as well run with it and re-read some of those defining texts of my generation blah blah...  I re-read Generation X by Douglas Coupland recently, and in doing further investigation (because I can't just leave it at that) came across this little gem... The original article titled Generation X that was the basis for the book contract which turned into the book which gave name to my generation... 

Friday, October 19, 2012

White Star...

It's only taken me 18 months, two different leagues and 6 months off in the middle where life got in the way...

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Escape to the country

By the time you see this we will (hopefully) have settled on our new house right out in the bush almost out in the middle of nowhere and I can't wait! I am so glad to have gotten out of the hellhole suburb, it really was a case of waking up one morning with a "how the hell did we get here?" realisation, but I am not focusing on the past, only the future!
I can't wait to wake up in the morning to THAT view and have my friends come stay at the 'Area 51' campground and really just surround myself with positiveness, fresh air and light... what a frickin' Hippie!
I went to the launch of the new Vali book at Outre Gallery on Friday. I went even though I knew I would hate being there. I mean, I love Outre and, well hopefully everyone knows how i feel about Vali! But that's just it, I hate that the place is crowded with wannabes, when I actually KNEW her, but that is just so selfish of me I know. I should be sharing her with the world. And there are so many more people who I would love to meet or have met and haven't and does that make it wrong for me to want to celebrate them. I'm being such a horrible bitch about this. I should be so glad that someone has published another book about my absolute hero, even though I couldn't pick up my copy I pre-ordered grrrr. And sharing her legacy. Or maybe I'm just jealous because I sent them some of my photo's which (I don't think anyways) they didn't use, and BUST magazine never did publish that article I wrote and maybe I should just shut up and look at this wonderful picture of vali by Angelique Houtkamp (who I also love but SHOCK HORROR have never met!!)